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government grossi in freedom yields. that is ever show. begin for watching. we will see you next three. ibe back on monday. tune in and have i a wonderful weekend. >> altnative investments are catching on and want to get ahead your company? how to succeed without getting down and dirty. dogs and the i pad? why fido should get his paws on one. tonight. "the willis report." gerri: a warning for investors' top story the newest and hot as class of
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investments aren't alternative investments becoming the fastest growing fund category attracting $260 billion, 60 billion just this year. are these alternatives to far off the beaten path? the author of the piece of the dangers you need to be aware of we have senior special writer at "the wall street journal." welcome back. i read your story with great interest but this seems every investment the stars with wealthy investors comes down to the middle class is this another case of that? >> this is the way the big boys play now you have a shot. something available to only those of many millions of dollars and now there is the retail investments. gerri: what are you
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investg in? >> normally a mutual fund small stocks soared small stocks a whole investment category the uses the strategies of derivatives, or unusual investments such as real-estate or junk bonds from private companies. gerri: so with those investments the fees make me sit up to take notice. >> investors need to see if they can stomach the fees. for the alternative mutual-fund or what a normal fund would cost but if you get to those that are not listed with the business development corporation's you could pay 10% of
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commissions or 6% per year. gerri: to those returns make sense? >> in good times, perhaps with the real issue is with a higher return with what was promised, you get higher risk and what investors have to be careful about if they can stomach the risk. gerri: is this fidelity or vanguard? >> some of the mutual-fund come from those like fidelity but the actual managers are hedged fund managers like blackstone or kkr. gerri: it was worse than the broad market last year then to find it better than a hedge fund. >> it is underperformed. gerri: they tried to give it to us then they show
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marketing and advertising broadly to people. whats your gut? you are the products for? >> for the more sophisticated investor that have more ready to apportion pareve of the portfolio alternatives to be 20% or less for someone that wants to havel whole range of risk to understand what that means. gerri: we appreciate your time. people catch up with it on the "wall street journal" but bonuses are getting more rare but guess who gets them now? people who don't deserve that nearly one-quarter of workers to underperform also get a financial bonus from the corporate bosses with a senior policy analyst analyst, welcome back to the show. come on.
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people getting bonuses? why is this happening? >> there could be a few different factors but i hope that some of these firms that give them to employees the policy is to simply give a bonus to every worker but i ho in those situations there are bigger bonuses for those to me to dictations. gerri: but the pool gets smaller every year it is particularly curious that you just given out you think managers are just too afraid to tell people they're not doing well? >> we ow that workers and employers do betterith the incentive based worked environment we know that they grow faster and are more profitable and also report more satisfaction so it is a great thing i can imagine why they would shy away from but they make a
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big mistake. gerri: but rewording bad behavior does not deserve a then they think why do i work so hard? >> it is discouraging when you see someone underperforming and getting a bigger bonus that hurts the incentive to do better bet with those reasons as why employers may avoid this house to do with the federal work policies so it makes e most of their job. gerri: will this affect morale? >> absolutely. gerri: that than joe comes in late and then hangs up by the water fountain they have to be bummed out?
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>> and if i was in a situation like that i would approach my boss looked at the metric san the way i perform my deserved a bigger bonus that affects my contribution and also increase the chances i work harder for the next cycle. we ought to be free to negotiate those between us and our employer. gerri: i believe in incentives based pay but everyone's allow you find a corporation's. thank you very much. to american corporations reward incompetency? photon of right-hand side of the screen. we're just getng started with more to come. including advice on the best way to play office politics without getting hands dirty
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in marking eight months since the tragedy in new telekinetic it and still the families have not seen one dime of the of money donated will that change? we will find out.
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gerri: eight months since the tragedy is sandy hook and there could finally be an end in sight in those who have been waiting months to receive your generations we have karen kaufman speaking for a coalition of families from columbincolumbin e to sandy hook. i have to ask you or they still on track to we doled out next week? >> no reason to believe it won't happen everything seems to be on track. gerri: beekeeping taps because our viewers have given a lot of that many.
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the connecticut attorney general found the foundation handling the many dii the right thing when it dectribute h 7.7 million to families and to the community. how would you feel about the breakdown? >> the families that i represent have said from the beginning the public is very generous when this happens and they want to help the people that is most directly affected those who survive purlieus family members or injured. while they can say they did the right thing, we believe one hunter% of the money donated should go to the victims. gerri: that is called donor intent providing for the folks of connecticut say only some of those donations were directly earmarked for families and the rest they did not say anything so we
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can do whatever we want. that seems to be pretty lucy goosy when it distributes the funds i think most people watched the terrific visual to thought i want to help those families. don't you? >> capsule of the. what is outrageous is the entire process was rigged up to prevent people to give directly to the families. when you went to the united way web site there was a delegate here button not if you want to give to the families or victims or the community it just said donates here and the money would be used for the victims in the long term needs of the community and to be vague like that they set up a scenario that by definiti they can do whatever it want. so when they say it was met it is a joke becausehey
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deliberately rigged it so it would be fake. gerri: the learning curve for donors is pretty high. if youere going to give money come on your check you have to right what you want it to go to or you have no hope of it going to the right place. it is a crapshoot. >> it did be that is why the families that i represent suggest there needs to be a national compassion fund like the boston one find it is crystal clear that would have to percent of the money goes to the victims' propose to donated to the boston 15 and went to the present without question it would go to the victims period end of sentence that is not the case here in newtown or pretty much anywhere else certainly going back to columbine. gerri: is you're waiting next week to hear from this foundation if the families will receive the money that was intended for them?
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>> correct. gerri: we will follow this story. figure for coming on. i am astonished the way this has been handled. in boston it was done much better. figure for being with us today. our hearts go out to the families. ming up later in the show how much truth issued you expect from the labels on your food? have you work of a job without getting your hands dirty? right now, 7 years of music is being streamed. a quarter million tweeters are tweeting. and 900 million dollars are changing hands online. that's why hp built a new kind of server. one that's 80% smaller. uses 89% less energy. and costs 77% less. it's called hp moonshot. and it's giving the internet the room it needs to grow.
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this&is gonna be big. hp moonshot. it's time to build a better enterprise. together.
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announcer: here's to the things that can keep us safe. and, now, those that we carry with us everywhere will bring us wireless emergency alerts, with a unique sound and vibration, you'll be in thknow, wherever you are. >> forget washington.
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gerri: office politics can be dirty but the struggle for power existed you participate or not. how you play the game during advantage? we have career coaching and strategist. welcome to the show. with office politics people think is a dirty game but you cannot rise above the fray? >> no. it is nothing more than creating relationships or strategic alliances. regardless if you are in the office or a club fo family or friends if exist erywhere. gerri: women in particular are reluctant because they think i will be judged on the basis of my work but if you were there you are participating.
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is a matter of how you play you are part of politics just by being there and oftentimes people feel is a dirty game and it does not need to be but you have to conduct yourself in a way that focuses on getting the job done to form a strategic alliance ad forming relationships. >> but then people missed the of bigger point judge ito relationships with co-workers you have to judge that as well. >> absolutely. >> that mr. >> nobody is the automaton. everybody likes to work with who they like. gerr how do we go astray or what do we do wrong to get into trouble? >> we make too big of a deal.
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>> so you have to accept it. second, don't take is so serious. you are forming relationships focus to get the job done and what you need to do you are in a much better position. gerri: keep your political nose clean. >> rememberthe golden rule repeople the way you wish people to treat you. gerri: explained what you mean. >> we all have a new ones to our personality sometimes they were great sometimes they don't interrupt being constantly, is speaking out of turn and/or saying inappropriate things up the wrong time. if you have the ability. gerri: that is a new ones now? [laughter] stop thinking of your boss?
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this is interesting for young women that think of the boss as big daddy to lay down the law. >> your boss is a person to. they want to know they can rely on you if you stay away from them they will not promote or involve you with big projects and that will hurt your career. gerri: so get involved in the office politics but don't just in and around the water cooler to talk about other people. >> don't gossip one thi people do wrong is to prome themselves by diminishing others that sometimes a comeback to hurt you. >> good to talk to you. is a time to you disconnect your kids from their smart phone? also do you really have to?
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gerri: stands for. gerri: well, listen to this. and chiles on the hook for false advertising. a lawsuit filed claiming pepperidge farm's mislabeled as goldfish crackers as natural even nudge contains check to modify soybeans. so the point. >> reporter: here are rare at the law firm, foxews legal analyst. >> she has no case here. pepperidge farm's goldfish.
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i haven't tested many of them over the years. you know it's not a healthy food. you know that. even if they put the healthy sign on it. the emphasis on natural, come on >> it is not a lawsuit in the making. >> i'm going to give you 9 million reasons for why it's a very serious matter. in that is because in a case involving a naked jews, they settled a ce that had mislabeling issues to $9 million. and it set up a fund for people to give $45 less dependent upon other word. the problem is that they put on that it was natural the genetically manipulated organisms. >> actually, unless you change sell-off. make it so that natural has a
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defined naturalistic definition, which i can't even think of right now obviously. then there is no case there. with their own going to go back to is he didn't tell us what it meant. should did mean something? >> the definition of national. >> in certain cases the courts have actually gone to the faa with respect to the gm know, as i mentioned before, with many state forays deciding the legislation requiring labeling. they have been answered it. gerri: of want to talk about gm know. if we did not eat modified food were in a petrie dish somewhere they change it, but would not be anything. >> well, there are studies going on. it should be the consumer stores. dressing like to warn of the only nations in the world that doesn't level for food.
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>> a $330,000 neuberger that they're making at a stem cell course of have to worry about that. it should be up to the consumer, and i think that is the trend is going on. >> the losses of card to go anywhere. gerri: you will come back to you and there will be a report card. want to talk about another case. this is campbell soup. th have on their soup the american heart association healthy food label with enough salt to float above. >> if you look at the soup can clearly it says two servings. if you have it then the actual lead ramps of sodium. >> year after look. if i eat two servings of this is going to be that.
10:30 pm
350 calories. so i had one cookie. gerri: this conversation or having. >> you have to look at the serving size. >> disturbing because i don't think people generally that. you get full and a half a can of soup? you really can't. >> put some water into it. that's your fault. >> the american heartsociation n order to approve this which is the allegation which is a very serious allegation. gerri: and this is a private organization representing the medical industry, and if they're out there labeling things that are not difference, it's bad for them. >> but if he took half the can and added another can of water to it it could be fine for you. >> at think it's misleading. gerri: and a perfect lawyer tonight. >> exactly. gerri: said they have an obligation to keep the name claim. the american heart association. they should require of themselves. >> the but a little thing on a
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saying refillable very carefully >> you see that. we see it on the shelf. this is good. this is healthy. >> unless you have high blood pressure. >> as the part the left out. gerri: you guys re great. great toave you on the show. thank you for coming on. great job. still thinking about that heart healthy. [laughter] we will read about it. some federal reserve staff may have their vacations cut short. u.s. district court judges it to mention the federal reserve, but the new plan on swipe fees. the plan could affect a lot of bottom lines, including yours. peter barnes joins me with the very latest. banks and retailers are, again, battling, fighting over swipe fees, the fees the retailers pay banks when customers buy something using their debit cards. banks collect about $15 billion
10:32 pm
per year in the swipe fees from retailers under the financial reforms approved by congress in 2010 congress ordered the federal reserve which regululats a lot of banks to cut these white piece. the fed did that, cutting them from $0.44 on an average transaction of $40 to $0.24. the retailer said that was still too high and they sued the fed in court. two weeks ago the one. at the time in a statement the bankers called this decision a windfall for retailers, especially the big chains saying the craze contracted out price controls serve one purpose, for the lining the pockets of our nation's big box retailer is at the customer's expense. but retailers say that the decision will force the fed to cut fees even more which will benefit consumers. >> it gets passed along. other promotions, discounts, better customer service.
10:33 pm
the point is it's not going to the retailers' bottom line. is going into making retailers -- helping them serve their customers better place the judge in the case, by next wednesday how will revisehese fees the company plan. >> he said that fed officials and come back from nantucket, come back from wherever they are on vacation. they can come into the border make a decision, but that decision could be to appeal the judge's ruling. gerri: how low can these fees actually go? >> this is the interesting thing. when the fed first came up with this proposal is set this might be that $0.12 apiece. so they ended up with 24. the retailers are arguing, listen, if the fed originally firstame up $0.12, while its 24? they should be lower. gerri: the beat goes on. the story will end. we appreciate your time.
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time now for a look at the stories you're clicking on tonight on stocks have been moving between small gains and losses before closing softly in the red. retailers continued worry shoppers might be pulling back on spending for. the yield on the ten year treasury rose to just under 3%, as level in two years. regulators approve the proposed $8 billion sale of the nyse-listed. the sec says it authorizes the takeover. the parent, the merger must also be approved by european regulators. j.c. penney bill asman saga continues. deals setting terms for him to unload its stake in the company. he resigned from the board three days. very pretentious. for will change its window stickers on the gas and electric hybris to correct the estimate
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of fuel economy. cutting the estimate by nearly 9% to 43 from 47. buyers also get a $550 check as compensation sent. those are some of not stores right now on when we come back, can your dog use your ipad? we will show you one that can. what about your kids? should you be worried about their safety and privacy? what one group is doing coming up. my mother made the best toffee in the world. it's delicious. so now we've turned her toffee into a business. my goal was to take an idea and make it happen. i'm janet long and i formed my toffee company through legalzoom. never really thought i would make money doing what i love.
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♪ gerri: listen up, parents. want to stop online advertising services and data brokers fm tracking your kids more fun activity? now the first and only app for
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that call disconnected spirited stocks data from browsing and activity for of releasing new device and teaches them about, and privacy in the process. explain, co-founder of disconnect. welcome to the show. great to have you here. tell us about this product. >> thank you so much for having me. like you said to my children's privacy for iphone and ipad that prevents the most prevalent bubble trackers from tracking you. and it's also the fun in pretty unique educational tool. they learned about online privacy. gerri: tell us in your own words, how does the thing work. >> it actually prevents data about your browsing history and your location from ever leaving your device. the application actually works
10:40 pm
by preventing the network connections that trackers make your mobile device. the technology was created by colleague of mine a disconnect who is an x in s.a. engineer, and we have a ton more information on the website above this works, including a really cool video. gerri: will have to check that out. how easy is it for the services to actually collected it? what is the danger for small kids? >> it's actually depressingly easy for companies to collect information. the problem is the mobile and for built on top of the internet and on-line web which are both systems designed to make communicating information very easy which is great if you're on in the world of high someone to access the website. gerri: especially with your kids whether top features of this up?
10:41 pm
>> the ability to obviously prevent the biggest fund trackers from tracking information of my children. the it thing is an introductory thing that introduces children. then we have two enemies invidious their great way for families. the m1 tracking. gerri: obviously this is a critically important thing. for mom and dad understand the rules -- to really understand the risks. >> that's absolutely true. you can talk to my wife about the one. i tried to explain there and my children when doing. this is our first children's app. part of the reason we created this is because it's complicated technology the were talking about. thousands and thousands. you never read them, collecting
10:42 pm
information, personal affirmation, including the browsing history, location, details of your activity. it's a very difficult. excess will. it will introduce a protect kids. gerri: you're looking at some statistics that blew me away. the proportion of children who owns more funds under the age of ten, 39%. under the age of seven, 25%. parents think of it as a safety device, but it's also sort of scary with the sophisticated technology at their fingertips. tell us about this new thing called the co directive. >> online privacy protection act which is a law that is enforced and regulated by the federal trade commission. they cannot the directive which
10:43 pm
as guidelines for companies. where it has to -- what they have to have an a privacy policy, where they have to approach the parses policy. giving parents access and control over information. there are few problems but it doesn't address. the first in his dislike long commute in have been actors. the other thing that is more particular is they even have to be very hard to enforce. gerri: that is what i was going to say let's its signal into a certain extent. that is less the case nowads we're going to enforce this but it's hard because a lot of this tracking is happening behind the scenes. it's difficult for them to enforce. the third thing about point out is that sites and applications that are not connecting, but
10:44 pm
tens of millions, under its of millions actually visit. youtube with something like that unless they ha the actual knowledge of the child is using the device they can continue collecting information. gerri: i guess it doesn't have much impact. you have to tell us how much that is. >> it is free. gerri: i like that. as the right price tag. >> it is a pay what you want model. we are a big corporation. also -- gerri: well, thank you for coming down tonight. good luck. it seems like people will try anything they can to a lose weight except diet and exercise. many fall for gimmicks and ridiculous fitness products that can sometimes cause to a pretty penny. in tonight's top five, what a great story. the shape of a jumbo on clock, instead of hitting snooze you
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can start lifting weights before you even open your eyes for the low price of $209. number four, the exercise device. this is the sky mall product that intends to improve the willis circulation. number three, the two-step under desk dancercise for feed. netflix did. i can't imagine having co-workers seem me do this. to you need to buy these products? maybe not the body blade. look at that. the video, this product is similar to the shake weight, except your suppose to stop shaking for though the price of steward $40. and the face trainer. that's right. you need a face a trader with sky miles product to reduce sagging in the face of more than 70 percent for $149.
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still to come, my "2 cents more." ipads are going to the docks. we will have demo. right now, 7 years of music is being streamed. a quarter million tweeters are eeting. and 900 million dollars are changing hands online. that's why hp built a new kind of server. one that's 80% sller. uses 89% less energy. and costs 77% less. it's called hp moonshot. and it's giving the internet the room it needs to grow. this&is gonna be big. hp moonshot. it's time to build a better enterprise. together. you know, from our 4,000 television commercials. yep, there i am with flo. hoo-hoo! watch it! [chuckles] anyhoo, 3 million people switched to me last year,
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saving an average of $475. [sigh] it feels good to help people save... with great discounts like safe driver, multicar, and multipolicy. so call me today. you'll be glad you did. cannonbox! [splash!] gerri: man's best friend getting hacked and manned space to addiction. ipads arreplacing him dogs s
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♪ gerri: your not going to believe this. they're going high-tech. the fact that one man had been done school, the latest to get hooked. joining me now, and inching
10:50 pm
grossman, called her. adorable. please introduce yourself. >> my name is kate. i am also co-owner. >> i think i love you. gerri: don't go too far. your fallen off. like the teaching dogs to use the ipad? >> it's good for the dogs. in the teaching them to do tricks and loves of silly things. behavior is happening all the time. is not just when they're learning the importance stuff. if you can teach your dog to do something fun and silly you can develop your skills. gerri: start with the silly stuff. every respect that every word you get this idea? >> lot of people that we work with live in new york city college of of a lot of time, space, this is just a fun game that they complied with the device that there already spending on its common anyway.
10:51 pm
gerri: dennis. >> -- next question, are there any apps for pets. >> one of the ones we have been using is made for people who are handicapped, nonverbal. just simple push buttons on the screen. gerri: the bus we'll do. how do you get interested in even thinking in that it? peter blair on the screen? >> that helps them put their nose up to the screen. it's really just an application of touch in touch teach your dog to touch the hands is one of the first things we work on. that's an easy thing the transfer to another object. tension object. we often start with the posted note. good boy. and from that would put it on the screening get them to actually -- gerri: a step-by-step by step. so cute. mckay you.
10:52 pm
so what is he going to do for us? >> he is able to answer some simple yes and no questions with the at. this is an at they you can add to fund will boost. you can and would never buns you want. we just have yes and no. a question, you can seeister and holyfield's. gerri: will the federal reserve start pulling back on its stimulus to the economy? what do you say? >> did you hear that question? you have been answered? what do you think? >> no. gerri: could you hear that? it said no. >> you think she's a pretty lady gerri: the right answer.
10:53 pm
i love that. >> he liked being on television? >> yes. gerri: is it fun? >> in this? gerri: he lost the treat. >> is it fun? >> yes. gerri: would you buy apple stock? >> we then have another for buying and selling we created but insisted that. what he think. look. it's also be. yers sell? >> cell. gerri: does not like apple stock. all right. so is there any other question the think that he would like to be asked at this point? >> how you feel about cats? >> no. gerri: it seems like he's really thinking about it. there is a trade involved, but it does seem like there are ars were rolling.
10:54 pm
>> we have this remote treat dispenser and we'll send it up. gerri: i think it's brilliant. a really appreciate you bring this on to mind. thank you. the people who want to learn more about teaching the dog to use the ipad command they do that? this coming tuesday. gerri: to see have a brother? >> then broke the mold. gerri: thank you so much for coming on. you are the star. clearly. we will be right back with my "2 cents more" any answer to our question of the day. to american corporations reward incompetency, yes or no? ♪
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10:57 pm
>> day you get a bonus? it may not be for a job well done. we told you about a survey
10:58 pm
that almost one-quarter of the employers will pay bonuses to workers who don't meet performance expectations. do think corporation is rewarding competence? 70 percent said yes. 30 percent said no. interesting. here is e-mail's. >> washington does nothing but fraud a and could goodness and these we pay money to people run the country but they do not have the ability to read anything they were the likely could not get a job outside of washington. lou. >> i feel your pain. >> although we do think city employees working for detroit did think th would get a reasonable retirement compensation the pension cut of even 20 percent could be devastating with the mismanagement of the budget is a reason to eliminate pensions.
10:59 pm
>> the it is helped to elect the same liberal idiots that lost their pension-fund they reaped the benefits now they should pay for their mistakes as the only way we will ever regain control of the lost government. >> great e-mail's. e-mail me. finally, it is frustrating not there as an individual investor first both in the mortgage meltdown then the great recession. it is tough to keep the faith when your portfol and gyms around like a yo-yo but the top story of alternative investments points out the desperate place people will go to get a retn. the trouble there is many have exorbitant fees and the performance does not make it worthwhile to invest a think we should think of alternative investing in a different way but pick something you know, or love or somebody else and starts
11:00 pm
a new business american ingenuity comes in different packages. that is it for the "willis report." do not forget good evening, everybody. thank you for being with us. bloody deadly violence in the streets of cairo today and more violence is expected as the military shuts down demonstrations supporting deposed president mohamed morsi. president obama tonight appears to be assuming role of the great appeaser in the middle east. in northern africa and south asia, willing, it seems, to negotiate american interests and the interests of our allies with the taliban to in some interests directly affiliated with groups in al qaeda and muslim brotherhood for a

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